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Day 1. 2016 goal

Day 2. You

Day 3. Plan your meals

Day 4. Work-out buddy

Day 5. Fridge and pantry purge

Day 6. Healthy Snack

Day 7. Track water intake

Day 8. Monday motivation

Day 9. Your favorite fruit or vegetable

Day 10. Your dinner

Day 11. Try something new

Day 12. Flash back friday

Day 13. I work out for...

Day 14. Sweaty selfie

Day 15. Squats

Day 16. Healthy dessert

Day 17. Your favorite protein

Day 18. Throw back thursday

Day 19. Share a recipe

Day 20. Outfit of the day

Day 21. Motivational quote

Day 22. Elevator off/Take the stairs

Day 23. How many push-up in a min.

Day 24. New to you fruit or vegetable

Day 25. Green Juice

Day 26. Favorite healthy account

Day 27. Your breakfast

Day 28. Before and after picture

Day 29. What I accomplished



1. Must be following on social media (Facebook and IG)

2. Upload a picture a day using the hastags #rdyfit #29fitdays #29fitdaysproject #29fitdayschallenge

3. Tag us on the picture (@rdylaser)

4. Tag at least three friends. Remember, the more people you tag, the greater your chances of winning

5. Don't give up if you miss a day! Just upload two the next day

6. Be creative, be healthy, and have fun!

 15 reps of each exercise x 5 rounds.

 15 reps of each exercise x 5 rounds.