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Hands Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation Before and After

Frequently the focus of cosmetic improvement is the  face. But, one of the most age-telling body features is  our HANDS.

As we age, the back of our hands begins  to look "bony and veiny".... On the skin itself sun exposure over the decades sets  up a prolonged cascade of sun spots and  brown patches that can keep popping up long after we've learned to stay out of the sun. Hand creams and sunscreens are a good  first line of defense, but they are not enough. Dr. Rafael Diaz-Yoserev offers an exciting Complete Hands  Rejuvenation treatment with excellent results.

Available Treatments

  • Dermal Fillers to re-plump and replenish volume to the hands providing a youthful appearance instantly. 

  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation  for those who have thin skin, sun spots and dark patches, a few sessions of Laser will reduce or remove them and improve the texture. 

  • Microphleboctomy is an  in-office surgical technique  performed  under local anesthesia. The procedure involves removing the faulty vein or perforator through minute puntures that require no stitches and leave no scars.




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Hands Rejuvenation

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