Many people notice that, as they age, the skin

of the chin tends to develop a rough and coarse

texture similar to the texture of an orange peel.                                                

This condition is called peau d’orange, a French                                                               term literally meaning “orange peel”. Also, with                                                                 aging the chin can develop small, etched, often                                                           cross-hatching lines, and many people have a                                                       horizontal chin crease which they find deepens and

becomes more pronounced as they age. This skin crease

is called a “mentalcrease”. These skin problems are primarily

caused by a chin muscle called the mentalis. Often times, dermal fillers cannot properly address these lines because they are too finely etched and too numerous. Bo-tox cosmetic provides a very easy, inexpensive and very effective way to improve these conditions.

First, a little explanation of why the mentalis muscle causes these skin conditions. The mentalis is a strong muscle that covers the bulk of the chin, and it allows you to pucker up your chin and protrude your lower lip in a pout. The muscle is attached to the underlying bone but also has numerous attachments directly into the skin of the chin, allowing for the dimpling effect. With repeated movement of this muscle over time, combined with general skin aging, eventually the skin develops the small lines and creases we described above.

To treat this condition, Bo-tox is injected into the mentalis muscle, usually in two separate injections near the tip of the chin on either side of the midline. Caution should be used with the amount of Bo-tox injected, as too much can affect lower lip movement. However, just enough Bo-tox will relax the mentalis and smooth the skin overlying it, effectively relieving a lot of that coarse texture and fine lines. Over time, with repeated treatments, it can even result in a dramatic “resurfacing” effect for the skin of the chin.


As for the horizontal chin crease, the same action of the mentalis muscle tends to draw the skin of the chin upward, exaggerating this crease. The same Botox injection into the muscle can relax the mentalis and lessen the severity of the horizontal chin crease, making it look less prominent. After Bo-tox treatment, the horizontal chin crease can be re-evaluated and may need a little dermal filler.