​Bring back youthful beauty, vitality and attractiveness through this 30 min. injectable facelift.

The Volumalift  involves volumetric replacement of soft tissue that has been lost with age or weight loss. This facelift will restore "the fullness of youth" safely, effectively, and non-surgically.

How is the VolumaLift™ treatment performed?

Your VolumaLift™ physician will take an injectable gel product (Radiesse®, Juvederm®, etc) and inject specific amounts of the product into the specific fat buttress regions, restoring the 3 dimensional structure to the soft tissue envelope, plumping out, filling and lifting the overlying facial skin and restoring the attractive "fullness of youth."

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Is the VolumaLift™ painful?

The VolumaLift™ is not very painful. The skin is frozen with local anesthesia prior to the procedure and the needles are passed through only the frozen skin. The injectable gel used during a VolumaLift™ is deposited very deeply along the facial bones, where there are very few pain fibers. The injectable fillers are much more painful when injected into lines than when they are used deeply to contour and shape the face. There is virtually no pain after the VolumaLift™ is completed.

Are there any risks to VolumaLift™?

The VolumaLift™ is very safe but you may experience some bruising and swelling, asymmetry (which is correctable), as well as a very remote chance of allergic reaction or infection. Lumpiness may occur, but is usually palpable and deep and not visible. Simple massage will usually correct any lumpiness.

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