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Did you know that 85 percent of women over 20 develop cellulite? If you’ve noticed the dimpled spots on your legs, thighs and buttocks, chances are you've probably done just about everything you can to get rid of it. Many women try to avoid certain clothes like bathing suits, shorts, skinny jeans, and lingerie because they are worried their cellulite will be exposed. In fact, a survey of over 1,000 women found 79 percent admitted to wearing clothes that covers their cellulite. The problem with cellulite is that it's not as easy to get rid of as a little extra fat on your arms or even a flabby stomach. That is because cellulite is not a "fat" problem, it's actually caused by a problem within the skin's structure. Cellulite occurs when the connective tissue under the skin becomes inflexible and trapped fat under the tissue begins to bulge up against the skin. This can become worse as you age, and your skin becomes thinner. Unfortunately, no amount of diet or exercise typically make a real difference in this embarrassing problem. The good news, however, is that a cellulite laser may be able to address the issues that cause the appearance of cellulite. Cellulaze is a unique cellulite treatment that has been demonstrated to improve the appearance of cellulite and increase skin thickness by up to 25 percent after just one treatment.

The sidelight technique allows specific targeting of all three structures that cause cellulite:fat, septae and the skin.

Minimally Invasive Cellulite Treatment - Cellulaze® - Cynosure

Treating cellulite, re-imagined.

The Cellulaze workstation is unlike any on the market today. Using a 1440 nm wavelength and SideLaze3D™ side-firing fiber, the all-in-one treatment thermally subcises the fibrous septae, targets pockets of bulging fat and increases collagen and elastin in the dermis.

How Cellulaze works

Cellulaze is a multi-targeted approach to elevate treatment of cellulite for superior results.

  • Targets Fat: Downward facing beam to coagulate fatty tissue

  • Thermally Subcises Fibrous Septae: Sideways facing aiming beam to subcise the fibrous septae

  • Thermal Energy Delivered to Dermis: Upward facing aiming beam to thermally stimulate collagen production

Intelligent delivery systems. Safe treatments.

Clinical endpoints, achieved.

Incorporating additional technology and innovation for safety, optimization and patient satisfaction.

  • SmartSense™ Delivery System distributes precise energy by measuring motion and delivery of laser power.

  • ThermaGuide™ Temperature sensing cannula provides temperature feedback to deliver the appropriate level of laser energy.

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What grades of cellulite is the Cellulaze treatment best for?

Cellulaze can treat all grades of cellulite. For best results, use Cellulaze for cellulite identified as grades 2-3 moderate.

How many treatments are typically required?

In most cases, results can be seen after just one treatment.

How long does the procedure take to perform?

Depending on the size of the area to be treated, a Cellulaze procedure can take anywhere between one to two hours.

What type or effects and recovery should patients expect post treatment?

Some patients may experience moderate bruising and swelling and will need to wear a compression garment post-procedure to aid in healing while also providing support of the treated area. Most patients will be able to return to normal daily activities within 1 to 2 days of treatment.

Cellulaze Before and After Pictures

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