Defined jawline and neck without surgical FaceLift


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I wanted to have the Precision TX and Fractora Fractional procedures because I was very impressed after seeing the results of the Precision TX procedure By Dr. Diaz-Yoserev on a friend of mine.  When I went into Dr. Diaz-Yoserev's consultation, I felt very at ease with the professional and sweet behavior of the staff.   Leading up to the procedure, Dr. Diaz-Yoserev and his  staff  treated me with every consideration.  During the procedures I was constantly reassured by the very attentive staff experiencing only discomfort from the Precision TX while more pain from the Fractora Fractional, which fortunately was a very short procedure.  I ended up choosing Dr. Diaz-Yoserev because as I mentioned above I had seen the results of Dr. Diaz-Yoserev’s skilled hands on my friend and wanted similar results, which I am very happy to say I have received.  Over all, my experience was positive."  

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You can now enhance your look with a new one-time, one hour minimally invasive laser procedure in the comfort of our office. 

PrecisionTX is a treatment that takes the laser energy right underneath your skin. This innovative technique is known to stimulate collagen production in the dermis which leads into improved skin elasticity, thickness and texture.

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